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A new, all-natural effective alternative for livestock producers facing immune and digestive challenges.

Based on complex-carbohydrate technology, the ingredients in Arrest are backed by over 300 university research trials in multiple species showing proof positive effectiveness against challenges associated with pathogenic bacteria and improvement of animal health, weight gain, and efficiency.

Products within Arrest have proven to actively bind type-1 pathogenic bacteria such as e.coli and salmonella, preventing them to adhere to intestinal surfaces. This action, along with increased immune function activity such as increased white-blood cell numbers and increased immunoglobulin levels, contribute to studies showing:

  • Statistically significant decreases in morbidity and mortality
  • Proven, economically significant increases in weight gains and feed efficiencies
  • Repeatedly shown 2% increase in feed efficiency, 2% increase in weight gain and 20% decrease in mortality
  • Improved environment for growth of beneficial bacteria and im-proved nutrient digestion

    Main effects of use have shown:

  • Increased absorption of immunoglobulins from colostrums in young livestock
  • Reduction in incidence of scours and scours treatment costs (antibiotics and electrolytes)
  • Reduction in pathogen load in intestine environment
  • Improvement in feed intakes
  • Improvement in average daily gain
  • Available in easy to administer gelatin boluses or loose to be mixed directly in milk replacer , rations, or free-choice

     Field studies show:

  • Significant decreases in morbidity and mortality.
  • Decreased yearly death loss of bees from 15 % to less than 4 % . The only management change was the use of Arrest.
  • 121% increase in honey production
  • Eliminated varroa mite infections – Bees are substantially more vigorous
  • Eliminated the use of Tylan® used to treat bacterial infections.
  • Arrest is the most effective, safe, and affordable supplement for apiary losses due to disease.